Good. Reliable. Affordable. Choose three.

You’re busy running your business.  You don’t have the time, inclination or staff to manage all of your marketing and writing projects in-house. All you want to do is your work without hassles.  Maybe even get home before 5 pm someday.  I can help.

I’m your answer. Marketeer, copywriter, columnist, experienced small business person myself. Over 20+ years in marketing and sales and I “get it” the first time. I’ll jump right in. I’ll let you check things off your To Do list – not add to it. Good. Reliable. Affordable. And no surprises.

As a busy executive, how much is your time worth? $100 an hour, $200 an hour or perhaps $500 per hour or more. Consider all the diversions that happen in your busy day and how much money do you lose to wasted time? The total amount can be staggering. Why spend your valuable time on projects that are not adding revenue to your bottom line. I can help.

I’m smart, creative and strategic. I can step into your world and quickly get up to speed. If I don’t understand something, I’ll ask. I understand “audience” and how to craft copy that communicates effectively to your audience. Most importantly, I understand small business and how to market within your budget.

Special Skills:

  • Sales/Marketing Mindset drives strategic thinking and ‘audience’ focus.
  • Engaging, Conversational copywriting style (humorous where appropriate).
  • Creative Brainstorming for headlines, ideas, and themes that sing.
  • Turnkey Projects – creative network of graphic/web designers, photographers and illustrators means ‘single-source’ solutions.
  • Social media

Services offered:
• Marketing Brochures • Ad Copy • Newsletters (print or email) • Social Media • Direct Mail Campaigns • Video Scripts • Corporate Image Pieces • Sales Promotions • Radio Spots • High-Profile Proposals • Speeches/Event Scripting • Trade Articles • CD-ROM Scripting • Ghostwriting Services • Business Letters • Press Releases • Marketing Consultation • Turnkey Projects • B2B, B2C & Internal • AP/AR Bookkeeping

Richard Arnold
Key Concept Services, Inc.

One Response

  1. Kathleen & I really just need hire you and sit down with you and come up with a game plan to get this ball rolling. You’re the one stop shop we need!!

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